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Ew, Government Tank Top
Mason Brandenburgh

Tank feels freaking great! The printing is very high quality, and fits true to size! Didn’t shrink at all Adger two washes! The best part is I immediately had more disdain for taxation without representation as soon as I put it on. I throw more tea into the harbor, and feel more free to make my own decision as a consenting adult.

Killdozer T Shirt
Nico Liberta
killed it

comfy and its a great story to tell people

Classy Easter wear

Ordered the shirt, arrived crazy fast even with free shipping. Great quality, good printing. Would order from again in a heartbeat.

Good humor shirt

It was funny to see people’s reactions when they saw the shirt.


This is a great shirt and the color is even more bright than on the picture (I got red). I'm excited to rep the reptilians that wear human skin costumes in Politics!

Great look, great fit

Looks great, love the fit and feel


My tax preparer dad loves it!!

Solid Rashguard for BJJ

Test drove this in my NoGi BJJ class this morning and it performed really well. Fits perfect with quality material. Everyone asked about how to get one and laughed at the design.

This Shirt Captures the Spirit of Freedom

I love the "Alter of God - Thomas Jefferson" Tee so completely! We must fight for freedom as vocally, as passionately today as in Jefferson's day. Between the Left pressing us from the inside and China pressing us from the outside, if we don't advocate for FREEDOM boldly, brightly, courageously, and clamorously, we will not carry FREEDOM into the future! - Paul


Very comfy, lots of guns

Government sux

The government sucks so this comfortable t-shirt can be worn as a badge of honor. When I wear it I feel invincible. The government will become weak and useless the more people buy this shirt.

it changed my life

I answered the clarion call of the colorful cock and was not disappointed.

This shirt changed my life. When wearing this shirt, I am temporarily granted all of Superman's powers. It also cured all my physical ailments, made me smarter, converted all my body fat to pure muscle, and even made me slightly more handsome. (There wasn't much room for improvement in that category.) It somehow made me even more irresistible to women than I already was. It gave me extra energy, more stamina, a few extra inches were it counts (wink wink), and longevity. In fact I fear that I may now be immortal due to this amazing shirt, which I think will probably be quite a drag after the first couple centuries. So thanks for nothing, AP.

Five stars, would buy again.

looks great on the mantel

i was kinda mad when my vet godbro said he hadn't worn my gift. then he said it has a place of honor on his fireplace mantel

Pirates, ye be warned.

A great way to remind people to respect other people’s property rights. And if you don’t, you’ll probably get shot.

my daughter loves it. super soft cotton, high quality. def a conversation starter

Smokin' George Coin Necklace
Mason Brandenburgh

Super awesome. Hanging from the rear view mirror, and I am loving it. Thank you AP!

Annex Kansas for Missouri Shirt

Purchased this Tshirt for a sister living in Overland Park KS, but family from JCMO. Looks great!!

Love my balloon hoodie!

Not only does it get immediate attention wherever I go, on a chilly morning like right now, it is toasty warm! Most common question is: where did you get that? My answer--AP4liberty!! Thank you.

The Bomb!

Greatest Hoodie ever created! Super cozy, super comfortable, super message! Perfect gift for yourself and others

My Pronouns Are Prosecute/Fauci Elon Musk Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt

Great present

I have this to my freedom loving sister in law for Christmas and she loves wearing it while baking and cooking.

Come Back With a Warrant Doormat

Gifted this to my liberty minded Office Controller, and she loves it so much she won't light it!

What else need be said?

Can I get an "End The Fed" house covering? I'm not even sure if that would be big enough...

Faults advertisment

Product was card board not metal