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Haven't started it yet.

As I mentioned on my last review of the first (of two) bags of coffee I bought, they are a little pricey, so I just alternate between "store bought" coffee (aka "cheap coffee") and Austin's premium brands. I'll be using Thomas Paine's coffee in a week or so, but as a Navy guy, I am used to drinking huge amounts of coffee each day and I must watch my spending due to Bidenomics, etc). Thanks, Austin, for all you are doing and I plan to keep up my monthly $5.00 support level. rwr

great picture

great picture and the caption was the best.dems are very helpful in helping 45 become 47.

My wife did t get it.

My wife who has no social media dosent get the Chad meme.

It confuses normies.


Oh my

Absolutely a joy to drink. Smooth and clean but with good depth. My weekend coffee because I want to take my time and enjoy it, not once but twice ☕️🫶🏼 Recommend “Franklins Electric Elixir” seriously a yummy blend . Tip … don’t skimp on the heaping.

Betsy's Liberty Lullaby
Messianic Minarchist
Betsy's Lullaby is Bliss

Makes a wonderful evening beverage that won't keep you up.
Pairs well with Sheelin or Baileys.

Pricey but good tasting.

A good deal higher than my normal grocery store coffee, but it goes to a good cause. I am still a 2.99 per month supporter and I really like Austin and Steffi! Keep up the great work .

Cool leggings.

My husband got me these leggings for my birthday. As much as I love them I can’t wear them. I normally wear a l/class, however these run smaller and they’re not as stretchy so they’re not really able to have much wiggle room.

Bought them as gifts

Great gift for people that both love and hate Trump. I gave one to Trump hater and he loved it.

Washington's Revolutionary Roast
Washing's Revolutionary Roast

Such a delicious coffee! It will be going on my favorite list!

5 star

My friend and stranger are now respecting me now

Hilarious and comfy

Austin made this at my request and I couldn't be happier with it. It's comfy, well fitting, and hilarious.

Absolutely beautiful

Love this case, it's perfect, everything is easily accessible, it looks fabulous, can't say enough, definitely my new favorite case 👌

Franklin's Electric Elixir
Michael Valentino
Nice roast!

So far my favorite of the 2 I tried. Jefferson’s Java is a little on the weak side. I still think this should have been the espresso. Can’t wait for Fredrick Douglas’ dark roast and Hamilton’s Federalist Fuel.

Early morning Elixir

I do love this blend. Mild tasting but packs a punch. I do not get the sour stomach drinking this either like with some coffees. I also enjoy that the bag is resealable and has a one-way airlock on it so I can get out the oxygen so it keeps my coffee fresh longer.

Jeffersonian Java
Messianic Minarchist
A rather descent beverage

I found it had a descent taste with the ability to wake me up in the morning without giving me jitters.

Pretty good upon further review…

I had never used a Keurig attachment before and I made it too weak the first day. The second day, I filled it up to the line and a much better experience! I won’t lie and say it’s the best. But it’s pretty damn good and the company doesn’t hate me.

Betsy's Liberty Lullaby
Kilsharion Land

Betsy's Liberty Lullaby

Amazing coffee

I am a literal coffee snob and I also drink my coffee black and let me tell you, this coffee tastes amazing. It has a lot of body and it’s bold and it doesn’t have that artificial flavor taste. It’s hands-down my favorite coffee and if you know me, that says a lot. The coffee doesn’t seem acidic either which is a plus! And not only that, i feel good about supporting a company that I know isn’t trying to poison me and has great values!

Good Coffee for a Good Cause

I'm going to buy coffee anyway, so I might as well buy it from someone who doesn't hate me. But is it good coffee? Yes, it's good coffee. I've been drinking it every morning for almost two weeks now, and I'll be back to buy more. Hot or overnight cold-brew works just as well.

Jeffersonian Java
Timothy Spitzer
I Decided to F Around and Find Out

I'm an everyday coffee drinker, and this Coffee from AP4LIBERTY made me feel as American as Rooftop Koreans with M14s defending their property in LA. I have been subscribing to BRRC for a few years and I do like their quality and price. However Austin's blends are a legit, enjoyable alternative and the funds go straight into more entertainment and education for me anyway through his show. I recommend it on all fronts and am planning on trying all the flavors.

Aromatic and Robust

Like our famous first president, I cannot tell a lie…as it pertains to coffee anyhow 😉 This particular roast did not disappoint! My home was filled with such a rich aroma. Noticeably more than your average store brand. The flavor was full and robust with a slight brightness which I appreciate. I can’t wait to try them all!

Franklin's Electric Elixir
Matthew Mitchley
Ben Franklin would approve

Truthfully, I bought this because I like AP and supporting him. I enjoy coffee a lot but I’m really happy to drink whatever, so I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted great. Package is fun too. Will grab some more!

Jeffersonian Java
Andy Oppermann
Jefferson Java

Love this light roast coffee! It is crisp, complex, and finishes clean. It also packs a kick of caffeine!

Adams' Patriotic Perk
Jennifer Farnes
Adam's Patriotic Perk

Smells and tastes like FREEDOM! Each sip is a delightful indulgence. This coffee is liberty in the form of a tangible, delicious treat that awakens the senses and reminds one to live each day with rebellious abandon! Live free and drink Founding Flavors Coffee!

This mug is unrivaled at containing solids, liquids, and gasses. It does struggle to hold plasma, but the ergonomic handle prevents burns to the hand. The best thing about the mug is the Wake Up America Show logo, which shows support of the best way to spend a morning.