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"Triggering" the Libs!

Our Neon Retro Firearms collection of products actually got us some hate mail for supporting the 2nd Amendment in a fun and fashionable way. Check out the collection to see what all the fuss was about.

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Buddha meets Trump: The 3D Printed Collection That Will Make You Think and Laugh

3D Printed Political Humor: Get Your Hands on Our Collection of Presidential Buddhas and Marvin Heemeyer's Killdozer

This collection of 3D printed items is an eclectic mix of historical figures and pop culture icons, all reimagined in a unique and thought-provoking way. The collection features several famous presidents, including a swingin' JFK, a serene George Washington Buddha, and a pensive Thomas Jefferson Buddha. These items fuse the images of these great leaders with the calming presence of Buddha.

In addition to these presidential figures, the collection also includes a replica model of the infamous Marvin Heemeyer Killdozer 3d model. This model captures the raw power and destructive force of the original vehicle. It serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked government and what happens when good men feel they must do bad things.

Perhaps the most controversial item in the collection is the Donald Trump Buddha. This piece depicts the former president in a contemplative pose, with his trademark hair and facial expression. Some may find this item amusing, while others may find it disrespectful or inappropriate. Either way, it is sure to spark conversation and debate.

This collection is a fascinating exploration of history, politics, and pop culture. It challenges our preconceptions of these iconic figures and encourages us to see them in a new light. Whether you are a fan of presidential history or just love unique and thought-provoking art, this collection is sure to captivate and inspire.