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Franklin's Electric Elixir

Franklin's Electric Elixir

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Electrify your senses with Franklin’s Electric Elixir, a medium roast embodying the spark of freedom with its rich hazelnut and caramel notes, a haven of warmth in winter’s cold. Chocolate Covered Almonds, Maple Syrup, Citrus. Medium Roast coffees are generally crowd pleasers. Whether you have a connoisseur or an every day drinker, a medium roast is sure to please. Medium roast coffees have a flavor profile that is less delicate than light roasts, but not as bold as dark roasts, and often have a slight sweetness and nuttiness. This type of roast is popular among coffee drinkers who want a well-rounded flavor profile that isn't too strong or too mild.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cecilia Olivas
Oh my

Absolutely a joy to drink. Smooth and clean but with good depth. My weekend coffee because I want to take my time and enjoy it, not once but twice ☕️🫶🏼 Recommend “Franklins Electric Elixir” seriously a yummy blend . Tip … don’t skimp on the heaping.

Michael Valentino
Nice roast!

So far my favorite of the 2 I tried. Jefferson’s Java is a little on the weak side. I still think this should have been the espresso. Can’t wait for Fredrick Douglas’ dark roast and Hamilton’s Federalist Fuel.

Early morning Elixir

I do love this blend. Mild tasting but packs a punch. I do not get the sour stomach drinking this either like with some coffees. I also enjoy that the bag is resealable and has a one-way airlock on it so I can get out the oxygen so it keeps my coffee fresh longer.

Tom M
Pretty good upon further review…

I had never used a Keurig attachment before and I made it too weak the first day. The second day, I filled it up to the line and a much better experience! I won’t lie and say it’s the best. But it’s pretty damn good and the company doesn’t hate me.

Anna DePalm
Amazing coffee

I am a literal coffee snob and I also drink my coffee black and let me tell you, this coffee tastes amazing. It has a lot of body and it’s bold and it doesn’t have that artificial flavor taste. It’s hands-down my favorite coffee and if you know me, that says a lot. The coffee doesn’t seem acidic either which is a plus! And not only that, i feel good about supporting a company that I know isn’t trying to poison me and has great values!