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Thinking About The Roman Empire Pepe Shirt

Thinking About The Roman Empire Pepe Shirt

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"Thinking About the Roman Empire" T-Shirt 

Unleash your inner Roman with this limited edition tee, perfect for those days when you're just... "Thinking About the Roman Empire." Whether you're plotting to take over a neighboring city-state or simply wondering how ancient Rome handled potholes, this shirt's got your back.


Legionnaire Wojak: Stand tall, centurion! This wojak has seen the front lines, survived the barbarian hordes, and all he got was this t-shirt.

Ancient Roman Girl Wojak: Beauty, grace, and probably some fierce gladiator gossip. She's here to remind you that Roman drama isn't just about battles and Senate meetings.

Legionnaire Pepe: Because every army needs its meme general. Rumor has it he's still salty about the whole Carthage thing.

Emperor Pepe: The OG Pepemperor. Part-time philosopher, full-time meme lord, and the dude responsible for making "Render unto Pepe" a thing.


Material: 100% Comedic Cotton – as soft as Julius Caesar's politics but way more durable.

Color: Empire Fade (starts as Roman purple, gradually becomes the dust of fallen empires).

Fit: Tailored for those with an emperor's confidence (but also suits plebeians).

Fun Facts (because why not?):

Did you know Romans loved fast food? That's right, Ancient Rome had food stands. And yet, no one's discovered the "McGladiator Burger."

Ancient Romans believed in a god for almost everything... including sewers (Cloacina). So, if you spill something on this shirt, you know who to pray to!

Why Wear This Shirt?

Instantly become the most historically meme-literate person in the room.

Perfect conversation starter for that cute classics major.

It's just SPQR-tacular.

Conquer your day, senatorially meme your way through the crowd, and let the world know you're always "Thinking About the Roman Empire." Because why not? The Romans probably would've if memes existed back then. 🏛️🍇🦅

.: Eurofit
.: Tear-away label
.: Runs true to size

Width, in18.0020.0022.0024.0026.0028.00
Length, in28.0029.0030.0031.0032.0033.00
Sleeve length, in8.238.508.749.029.259.49


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