Jeffersonian Java

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Jeffersonian Java

Whole Bean
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Product information

A distinct blend, harmonizing the intellectual brightness of lemon with the agrarian sweetness of caramel. This concoction is perfect for those who appreciate an intricacy of flavors as profound as Jefferson's own philosophy.

Tart, Sweet (with caramel and lemon)

A unique blend that combines the bright and tangy flavors of lemon with the rich sweetness of caramel. This blend is perfect for those who enjoy a complex flavor profile.

A light roast results in a coffee bean that is lighter in color and has a higher level of acidity and a more delicate flavor profile. Light roast coffee typically has a slightly fruity or floral taste with notes of citrus or berries, and again is often preferred by coffee connoisseurs who want to taste the unique characteristics of the bean.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cecilia Harden
Has become one of my favorite coffees

I ordered the whole bean coffee and it has been delightful. The light nodes of caramel are not overpowering, and the coffee does the trick for my morning java needs.

Kyle Soucy
Great coffee

I really enjoy the coffee and I enjoy supporting the P 4 Liberty family. The box artwork is cool too.

Messianic Minarchist
A rather descent beverage

I found it had a descent taste with the ability to wake me up in the morning without giving me jitters.

Timothy Spitzer
I Decided to F Around and Find Out

I'm an everyday coffee drinker, and this Coffee from AP4LIBERTY made me feel as American as Rooftop Koreans with M14s defending their property in LA. I have been subscribing to BRRC for a few years and I do like their quality and price. However Austin's blends are a legit, enjoyable alternative and the funds go straight into more entertainment and education for me anyway through his show. I recommend it on all fronts and am planning on trying all the flavors.

Andy Oppermann
Jefferson Java

Love this light roast coffee! It is crisp, complex, and finishes clean. It also packs a kick of caffeine!