Is Javier Milei Married?

Love in the Time of Libertarians: Argentina's Hottest Power Couple!

Move over Brad and Angelina, there's a new sizzling couple in town, and they're taking Argentina by storm! Fátima Flórez, the hilarious Argentinian comedian, is head over heels for none other than the country's very own populist sex guru, Javier Milei. And let us tell you, their love story is as explosive as a firework show during a hurricane!

After only six short months of dating this libertarian dynamo, 42-year-old Fátima is already hailed as Argentina's unofficial first lady. In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Times (her first with a foreign outlet, mind you), she spilled the beans on their passionate romance.

"Even when we are far apart, we are very close. And when we are close, we are close, we are explosive, explosive, you know what I mean?" Fátima giggled, not holding back one bit.

Now, you might wonder about Milei's bold claims regarding his bedroom skills, including his assertion that he could abstain from climaxing for three months. Fátima? Well, she had this to say, "There are no complaints. There are many satisfactions." Looks like Milei's prowess extends beyond politics!

But it's not just in the bedroom where this couple excels. Fátima confessed, "I'm super in love with him, head over heels. He's a rock star." Move over Ozzy Osbourne, Milei's theatrics make you look like a choirboy.

Milei's promises to adopt the dollar, boost gun sales, let people sell their organs, recriminalize abortion, and privatize waterways have resonated with 56 percent of Argentina's voters. His libertarian streak sparked a youth movement, toppling the long-standing Peronist regime that had ruled for decades. Milei's rise to power is reminiscent of Trump and Bolsonaro, but with a dash of Milei's unique flair.

In his first month as president, Milei cut government departments in half and deregulated the economy, sending prices skyrocketing. He even gave the official presidential palace a pass, opting for a suburban life with five genetically engineered mastiffs – clones of his deceased dog. Talk about presidential style!

Now, there's one more person in Milei's life, his sister Karina, whom he calls "el jefe" (the boss). Some speculate she's the real power behind the throne. But Fátima insists that their relationship is rock-solid and will benefit Argentina.

"People can think what they like," Fátima declares. "The truth is we are happy together. We don't bring work into our relationship. Our moments together are for enjoyment. We use our time together well, caressing each other, hugging, connecting, talking about our feelings, the emotional and spiritual things."

Fátima's on-stage impersonations of celebrities, including Milei, keep her busy six nights a week. And yes, Milei himself once joined her on stage for a 13-second embrace that went viral. Talk about a power couple!

During the interview, Fátima even showed off her impersonation of another right-wing showboating world leader - none other than former US President and candidate Trump, who called to congratulate Milei on his victory. "Congratulations! Congratulations!" she exclaimed, mimicking Trump's distinctive delivery.

Despite their busy lives, Milei's presidential duties, and Fátima's nightly performances, the first couple keeps their love alive. "We hadn't seen each other for a week," Fátima revealed. "He is a dedicated full-time president, he sleeps very little to fulfill everything he has to do, which is a lot, a huge challenge. There's an emergency situation with the nation's economic crisis, so the moments we have together, we try to make them super-quality."

And when it comes to Milei, Fátima can't help but gush, "He's not like a politician. I've never seen any politician so loved by the people."

Move over Romeo and Juliet, Milei and Fátima are the new lovebirds in town, and they're here to stay! 💑🇦🇷✨

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