Clinton "Likes Them Young" According to New Unsealed Epstein Documents

In a stunning development, previously sealed court documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal have been made public, revealing disturbing details and high-profile names, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as Prince Andrew.

Epstein's Dark Comments and Alleged Connections

Among the chilling revelations is a claim from one of Epstein’s victims, Johanna Sjoberg, who, in a 2016 deposition, recalled Epstein's remark that Bill Clinton "likes them young," referring to young girls. These files, part of a trove of long-sealed documents, were unsealed by Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska last month.

Prince Andrew's Disturbing Accusations

In a shocking testimony, Sjoberg also detailed an encounter with Prince Andrew at Epstein's Manhattan townhouse in 2001. She described how Andrew placed his hand on her breast while she sat on his lap, a gross act of inappropriate touching. The Duke of York, however, has consistently denied these accusations.

Trump's Cameo in the Sordid Tale

Donald Trump's name also surfaced in Sjoberg's deposition. Epstein once suggested a visit to one of Trump's casinos in Atlantic City, adding yet another layer to this complex web of influential figures.

The Legal Battle and Unsealing of Documents

These files were part of a defamation lawsuit brought against Epstein's associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, by Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2015, which has since been settled. The unsealing of these documents has been a significant victory for transparency, with lawyer Marc Randazza emphasizing the importance of understanding the extent of Epstein's sordid affairs and the influential people involved.

The Fallout for High-Profile Figures

The release of these documents has not only reignited interest in Epstein's notorious activities but also cast a shadow over several high-profile figures. Clinton has long denied any nefarious connections with Epstein, despite being photographed with him and having flown on his private jet. Meanwhile, Prince Andrew, who also flew on Epstein's jet and was infamously photographed with Giuffre, has been stripped of his HRH title due to his ties to Epstein.

Giuffre's Defamation Suit and Maxwell's Conviction

Giuffre’s lawsuit against Maxwell was based on claims of being sex-trafficked by Epstein as a teenager. Maxwell was later convicted in late 2021 for recruiting and grooming underage girls for Epstein. Epstein himself met a tragic end, committing suicide in his jail cell in 2019 while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges.

As we await further developments, one thing is clear: the unsealing of these documents has opened a Pandora's box of sordid details and connections, leaving many to wonder just how deep this scandal goes.

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