5 Recent Times Average Citizens Used Guns To Save Lives

It's common to hear that citizens don't need guns to protect their lives or property. Whenever it happens, it doesn't always make the big news media, or go any farther than local news. But it does happen more often than gun grabbers would have you believe. There's an entire subreddit dedicated to what they label DGU, or defensive gun use. Here are five relatively recent examples of that. 

#1 - Man Of The HouseRobber entering door

16-year-old Brayden Jarret of Montville, Ohio, defended his home from an intruder by using his mother's 9mm handgun. When Brayden noticed a stranger's car parked in his driveway, he went for his mother's firearm and clip, which were stored separately. When the intruder tried to open the inside door, Brayden loaded the gun and pointed it at the door. The intruder saw Brayden, said the words "OH $H@*!," and took off running. Brayden then immediately called his mother, who contacted the police. Brayden Jarret was able to identify the suspect through a photo lineup. This allowed the Geauga County Sheriff's Office to charge the criminal with burglary.

The incident has prompted Brayden's mother, Ashleigh Jarrett, to warn others about the risks of posting their schedules on social media. She believes the intruder may have used her posts to learn her routine. Ashleigh has since installed cameras inside and outside her house and is grateful to have a teenage son who is also her protector. Brayden, who is familiar with guns due to his hunting experience and his parents' teachings, remained calm during the incident and did not have to discharge the weapon. (01-17-2023)



#2 Mom Stops Would-Be Kidnappers

An armed mother in Iowa successfully defended her son from two people who attempted to take him while in the Des Moines Skywalk. The incident occurred when two individuals were seen walking repeatedly in front of the Hubbell Tower Apartments on January 5th. Apartment manager Shay Lindberg opened the door to ask if there was a problem, and one of the two attempted to snatch her child. Lindberg, who was armed, produced her handgun and told them to let go of her kid. She then called security, who called the police and provided the names of the suspects. The two suspects were later charged with felony child stealing, and one of them was also charged with violating her probation.

The incident highlighted the importance of lawful gun ownership in protecting oneself and others. Sergeant Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police Department commended Lindberg for her actions, stating that she used her gun in a responsible manner to protect her child. Security personnel were also instrumental in the incident, as they provided the police with the names of the suspects and followed them until the police arrived. The incident occurred in the same skywalk where a couple was previously assaulted by a group of teenagers, prompting the Skywalk Association to hire security services in 2020. (01-15-2023)

Mother holding child in one arm and her rifle in the other


#3 Keeping Her Children Safe

Robert Rheams was fatally shot after forcing his way into a house in Hammond LA, armed with a shovel and lug wrench. The incident occurred early Sunday morning, January 8th, 2023. Rheams was found dead at the scene by deputies from the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office. The homeowner, who had two young children with her, confronted and shot Rheams when he entered her bedroom. Rheams had previously served 20 years in prison for armed robbery and was on parole at the time of the shooting. Deputies also believe he attempted to carjack someone just hours before the shooting.

No arrests were made, and prosecutors are expected to review the case. The Chief Deputy of the Tangipahoa Sheriff's Office, Jimmy Travis, said that the incident appeared to be a case of "a homeowner exercising second amendment rights to protect herself and her children." Two children were inside the home when the incident occurred, and they were unharmed. (01-08-2023)


#4 Thats My Boy

A man was shot by his stepson after allegedly assaulting the stepson's mother in their home on Center Street, San Antonio. The son shot the stepdad multiple times with a gun he retrieved during the assault. The man was hospitalized in critical condition, and authorities indicated he may face assault charges. The son could be facing deadly conduct charges since one of the bullets he fired entered a neighbor's home.

The incident occurred late on Thursday night on the city's east side. The altercation between the couple was witnessed by the woman's son, who intervened by shooting the stepdad. The son then fled the scene, and no additional details have been released. 11/18/2022


#5 She Warned Him

A man was arrested in Edinburg, Texas after he broke into a home on Tuesday night and attempted to enter a woman's bedroom where she was hiding with her children. The woman had a gun and warned the intruder that the police had been called. When he refused to leave and continued to try to enter the bedroom, the woman shot once through the door. The intruder, identified as Carlos Garcia, fled the home and was later found in an open field with a gunshot wound. He was medically cleared and arrested on a charge of burglary of a habitation with intent.

Deputies and deputy constables responded to the emergency call about the burglary of a home in progress in rural Edinburg at around 9:13 p.m. Upon arrival, the homeowner told authorities that a man had broken into their home through the garage and tried to enter the bedroom where she and her children had locked themselves to hide from the intruder. The case remains under investigation. 10/25/2022


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