Top 10 Hottest Libertarians of 2024

Get ready for a steamy twist on freedom with the 'Top 10 Hottest Libertarians of 2024'! This scorching list isn’t just about political views - it's a celebration of liberty-loving trailblazers who are as sexy as their beliefs are rebellious.

From sultry thinkers to fiery activists to literal presidents of entire nations, these fresh faces are heating up the libertarian world, and they're ALL NEW to our list this year.

Forget traditional rankings, as everyone's equally sizzling, and this list is not in any particular order... except Javier Milei who is hands down the hottest. Everyone else is competing for 2nd place.

Who knew advocating for individual rights could be this alluring? Enjoy!

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1. Javier Milei

Javier Milei is an Argentine politician and economist, currently serving as Argentina's President since December 2023. Known for his distinctive style and strong media presence, Milei gained recognition as a national deputy for Buenos Aires with La Libertad Avanza. He is a self-described “anarcho-capitalist." Milei's ambitious plans include dollarizing Argentina's economy by 2025 to combat inflation and drastically reducing state spending. He's already shut down nearly a dozen government agencies, and told the Davos crowd at the WEF where they can shove their socialist policies.

Milei makes politics look very sexy with his wild locks, leather jackets, and hot girlfriend make out sessions. Milei has done it all including being in a rock band and a tantric sex coach. They call him El Loco. We'll call him lover, if his sexy girlfriend ever decides to share. Rawr! 

Follow Javier Milei on Twitter where he loves sharing AP4Libertyshop merch.


2. Courtney Knill

Courtney considers herself to be a liberty minded conservative, but with these bodacious babealicious photos she's posting lately that has Twitter in a stir, we think she's more liberty than she lets on.

Courtney became an author in 2018, and has continued to share her thoughts with an ever-growing audience. After finishing a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, and nutrition, Courtney left full-time politics to work in the legal field.

She now runs a business doing political commentary and lifestyle influencing, and loves the freedom that this allows. She is especially passionate about medical freedoms, gun rights, removing corruption from government agencies, and promoting economic policies that favor the US economy.

Due to her education in nutrition and past modeling work, she is particularly passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and is outspoken about the failures of the American diet and how individuals can make changes in their lives to combat this. She's currently generating a truckload of controversy for comparing herself to the vivacious Sydney Sweeney and if you'd like a good laugh and a va va voom, check out the threads below. 


Check out Courtney Knill's spicy tweets here.

3. Camellia Peterson

Camellia Peterson is a dazzling blend of brains and beauty. As a spirited homeschool mom and intellectual, she also shines in her dual roles as Editor in Chief at The Libertarian Republic and Grassroots Engagement Director at Americans For Prosperity.

Always making a statement with her bold, beautiful, chicken butt red lipstick, Camellia lights up the screen as a regular and vivacious guest on the Wake Up America Show every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am central. Her multifaceted, down-home Missourian personality, and flair for engaging discussions make her a captivating figure in both educational and political arenas. It's no wonder that with her and Daniella Pentsak (on last year's list) that they call Thursdays on the Wake Up America show "Thirsty Thursdays."

Camellia has made a splash in Missouri politics twisting arms and throwing 'bows for liberty in the state capital. She's a lover of ice cream, dogs, and intellectual pursuits. She's got a million suitors but doesn't give a damn for a one of 'em. 

Follow Camellia's rare Twitter posts here.


4. Bx

Bx is a dynamic and versatile figure, seamlessly blending her roles as a content creator, streamer, private investigator, and firearms expert. Known for her fearlessness both as a mom and an occasional guest on the Wake Up America Show, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to her audience.

When she's not hunting down paedos, she's a full time mom. Never one to shrink from controversy, Bx is the go-to person to call on for expertise regarding mass shooters, or anything dark or dangerous in the news. 

Follow Bx before she gets banned here.


5. Phil Labonte

Phil Labonte is an American vocalist renowned for his work with the metalcore band All That Remains. Labonte's diverse interests extend beyond music into political commentary, where he expresses libertarian views and has appeared on various platforms discussing topics such as gun rights and government intervention. His dynamic career, marked by a blend of musical prowess and outspoken political stances, has made him a notable figure in both the metal music and libertarian circles.

Come rock out with Phil here.


6. Maggie Anders

Maggie Anders is the Content Creator and Operations Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education, where she leverages her strong social media skills to promote the organization's brand.

Prior to this role, she was a Regional Director at Young Americans for Liberty, overseeing a network of college activists and supporting pro-liberty candidates. Maggie also has experience in development with the Pelican Institute in Louisiana.

Outside of work, she enjoys tweeting about current events, organizing events in Atlanta, and spending time with her friends and cat, Thomas. Most recently, she traveled to Argentina to chronicle the campaign of Javier Milei. She has since returned to the USA and provides commentary about Argentine politics on the Wake Up America Show. Don't get your hopes up though, boys. She's got a boyfriend! Boooo!

Follow Maggie here.


7. Remso W. Martinez

Remso W. Martinez may be one of the Liberty movement's "behind the scenes" guys, but over the last decade he's made it clear to activists and playmakers across the country he's someone worth having on your roster when you need to get stuff done. He's one of the hardest working guys in the liberty movement, and was instrumental to helping AP4Liberty launch his media company that now owns and operates this humble international libertarian megashop. 

After managing and staffing campaigns for liberty candidates across the country for half a decade, Remso jumped into the world of media in 2019 when he became the social media coordinator at The Washington Times and helped bring libertarian movers and shakers in front of their massive audience.

A 3x published author, podcaster, and documentary series producer too, Remso knows the power of storytelling and how it impacts people, breaking barriers in the process. Now a small business owner, Remso resides in Wisconsin where he uses his skills in marketing and media to help business owners and nonprofits thrive so they achieve maximum freedom through their efforts in their lifetime.If you see Remso at an event, pinch his butt without asking his wife's permission. She loves that. 

Follow Remso here.



8. Cliff Maloney

Cliff Maloney is the founder of The Pennsylvania Chase and is recognized for his fervent advocacy for liberty, having created over 2,000 jobs, achieved more than 300 campaign victories, and knocked on over 6 million doors. His work has earned him appearances on notable platforms like Fox News, PBS, Fox Business, and Reason TV. Maloney is also a published author in TIME, The Hill, Huffington Post, and the Washington Examiner.

He is passionate about empowering freedom activists, guiding them in effective ways to advance the principles of liberty. When he's not rocking cool mint slacks on private planes, he's living with his loving wife Grace, who is proudly serving our country in her own role as a military servicemember. We salute you both! 

Follow Maloney's liberty activism here.


9. Ááron Sepúlveda-Cué

Ááron Sepúlveda-Cué, an economist with a vibrant academic background, including a Master's in Economics and a Bachelor's in Mathematics, has a unique life story.

Born in Houston but raised in Monterrey, Mexico, he's a self-described 'citizen of Monterrey, Texas'. A former American football and soccer enthusiast, Sepúlveda-Cué embraced his libertarian roots and a newfound Christian faith in his early 20s.

Ááron's professional expertise ranges from Monetary & Banking Theory to Austrian Economics, and he's currently rocking it at the Libertarian Christian Institute. He recently has been appearing regularly on the Wake Up America Show to provide insight on Argentine politics.

Follow Sepúlveda-Cué here.


10. Lauren Thèrése

Lauren Thèrése is an unschooling mami and philosopher, known for her love of liberty and voluntaryism. As a Bronx babe and poet, she brings a unique perspective to her roles.

Lauren is also an enthusiastic meme curator and enjoys modeling her AP4Libertyshop gear on social media.

Her gadfly approach to life reflects her commitment to challenging the status quo and sparking meaningful conversations.

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