Housewife Hacks: Fun & Fast Chore Secrets!


Hey everyone, it's your tradwife who does it all, Steffi, from "Hustling and Homemaking"! Today, I'm excited to share my top tips to transform your chore routine into something you might actually look forward to. Let's dive in and make those chores less chore-like!

1. Find Joy in the Mundane

Imagine doing dishes while tuning into your favorite show or podcast. That's what I do! I love catching up on Austin's "Wake Up America Show" as I tackle the kitchen. You can also groove to music, chat on the phone, or use scented cleaning products to uplift your mood. It’s all about creating a joyful ambiance while you work.

2. Treat Yourself

We deserve a pat on the back, don't we? After completing a task, why not treat yourself? It could be as simple as enjoying a favorite snack or snuggling with your furry friends. For me, it's quality time with my French bulldogs, George and Calvin. Find your little reward that motivates you to get through those tasks!

3. The Magic of Small Steps

The Pomodoro Technique is my secret weapon. Set a timer for 25 minutes, work, then take a short break. This approach breaks down overwhelming tasks into bite-sized pieces. Even if you’ve got just a minute, do something small - it counts!

4. Organizational Wonders

Organization can be a game changer. I use a chore chart and apps like Sweepy and Tody to stay on track. Even something as simple as a stair basket can make a big difference in keeping your space tidy and organized.

5. Master the Art of Multitasking

Why not combine tasks? While waiting for dinner to cook, I prep Austin’s Founding Flavors coffee for the next day or do a quick tidy-up. And yes, you can even clean your shower while you're enjoying one!

6. Efficient Cleaning Tools Are Key

Investing in the right tools can save you so much time and effort. I swear by pet stain removers for those unexpected French bulldog messes. Robot vacuums can be lifesavers, but choose wisely. And my absolute favorites? Dustbuster vacuums. I love them so much, I have two! They’re perfect for quick clean-ups. Plus, don’t overlook the power of spray-and-leave shower cleaners – they make cleaning a breeze.

There you have it, my tips and tricks to make chores not just bearable, but enjoyable! Remember, the right attitude and tools can turn any task into something fun. If you're curious about any of the products I mentioned, check out the links below:

Austin Petersen's Wake Up America Show airing Mon-Fri 7-9 am CT:

Founding Flavors coffee:

Lysol Fabric Disinfectant Spray Lavender Fields:

Pomodoro Timer:

Stair Baskets:

Little Green Bissell:

Hoover PowerDash:

Don't buy Neato vacuums, they get lost and break!

Black+Decker Dustbuster:

Clorox Daily Shower Cleaner:

I'd love to hear your chore-hacking tips too! Share them in the comments, and let’s make homemaking a joyful journey together.

As always, be free :)


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