Milei’s Economic Revival Making Argentina Great Again


Have you ever had to take a bag of cash to the grocery store just to pay for your groceries? Have you ever had to take wheelbarrows to buy a car? In the not-so-distant past of Argentina, they did.

In my video here, I spoke with Jeff Carson, my old campaign manager from my Senate run. He told me about the “black market” dealers that gave you a better rate than the government mandated exchange rate they had. It’s no surprise that when the government mandates something that it becomes quickly horrendous, and useless.

But, imagine you, an American in Argentina as a tourist. Would you be able to go to some back-alley exchange broker to get a better deal on your currency exchange? Many of us here wouldn’t. But when you’re Argentinian it might just be the only option you have. But, now there’s a new President, one that believes in free-market principles aimed at total liberty for the citizens of Argentina.

Javier Milei has become an outspoken legend to the libertarian cause all around the globe with Rio De Janeiro it’s interim Capital. For the first time in months, Argentina, who once gripped by inflation, is at single digit thanks to their fiscal surplus. In April, the monthly inflation dropped to 8.8% while recording a $589 million budget surplus in January, and still posting a surplus every month thus far in 2024.

Milei has done what us here at home in America can only dream of. He’s slashed the government's spending, firing the bureaucrats, and uplifting the free market. As Jeff explains in the video, the people of Argentina are still happy through all of their hardships.

He didn’t just stop there, the crime in Argentina has become less and less due to the security measures put in place around the country stripping the corrupt of their powers and giving it back to the people. By doing that, he restores the public’s confidence in him, making them feel safer, more able to contribute to the free-market economy without fear of corruption.

The policies set forth so far have turned critics into believers, they’ve empowered the people of Argentina showcasing a model of success. Are we next?

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